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Our Sneakers. Your Story.

Real Couples. Real Kicks.


In celebration of February 14, we teamed up with adidas & Fashion Journal and asked real couples to don a pair of Stan Smiths while we quizzed them on all things love ❤️

Tasha and Belle

How did you two meet?
Tasha: So, originally, I was following Belle for a few years on Instagram, because I thought she was a babe. And then she was modelling in my friend’s fashion show, and I ended up meeting her that day. That’s how we first met.

What were your first impressions of each other?
Tasha: [Belle was] beautiful. I was very shy because I was like, “Aww, there’s that cute girl.” Then she came up and chatted to me, but I had a girlfriend at the time. So, I was like “Oh, can’t do anything.”
Belle:  Yeah, I just thought [Tash] was really lovely. I guess when we first met, I knew she had a girlfriend so… couldn’t do anything too romantic. But she was really cold that night and I gave her my jacket for the night.

How’d you finally get together?
Tasha: I responded, “Just moved to Parkville!” on Belle’s Instagram Story, hoping she was going to respond, and she was like, “Oh, I live in Parkville too!”. I replied saying, “Oh, we’ll have to get a drink then!” She actually lived three doors down from me, which has been very convenient because it’s like, “I’ve run out of eggs. Don’t worry, we’ll just go back to my house and get some.” We do see a lot of each other because of that, and yeah just ended up being at her house all the time, so now we’re just going to move in together.

What is the cheesiest thing that you have done for each other?
Belle: I feel like we’re always pretty cheesy, just generally.

How long have you guys been together for?
Tasha: Five months.

So, what do you do for work?
Tasha: I’m a photographer, so mainly fashion work and I do a bit of retail on the side.
Belle: I’m actually studying at the moment. I’m studying Fine Art at RMIT, doing ceramics and I model a bit on the side.

What do you think the secret to a good relationship is?
Tash: I think honesty is the best thing, just being really open. If there’s ever anything bothering you, making sure you bring it up and don’t internalise it too much. I think being romantic helps. Doing nice things, thinking about each other, just being really loving helps in keeping a relationship well and alive.
Belle: I think we just have a really close connection and we kind of knew as soon as we were together that it felt right. We’re always really open and honest with each other and we don’t get sick of each other.

And how would you describe your personal style?
Tash: I think I’m probably quite classic. I like a lot of neutral colours, really good quality garments, and if possible, ethical clothing. I like to support small labels. I think we’re pretty similar in terms of fashion.
Belle: Yeah, I wear a lot of jeans and T-shirts which is quite simple.

What’s your favourite thing about each other?
Tash: [Belle] always thinks of me before she thinks of herself, so it’s always what do I want to do and what do I want to eat, and she’s very considerate and kind. Even when she’s half-asleep she’ll still be thinking of me. She’s very caring and very loving.
Belle: [Tash] is really funny, she makes me laugh a lot, and is really loving. Don’t get sick of her at all, ever.

Meg and Andy

How did you guys meet?
Andy: Bumble

And what was your first impression?
Andy: I thought she was very funny. She was late so she was really apologetic.
Meg: He was really quiet. Probably because he couldn’t get a word in.

Where was your first date?
Meg: We went to a wine bar in Carlton called Heartattack and Vine. I think I was so nervous that he didn’t say a single word because I just motor-mouthed the entire time.

How long have you been together for?
Andy: Around six months.

What do you think the secret to a good relationship is?
Meg: I’m not too sure. It’s still pretty early (in the relationship), but probably taking care of yourself first. You’re kind of no good to anyone if you’re not good yourself. You’re like a drowning person pulling the other one down.

So, what do you do for work?
Andy: I work in AV, as an event technician.
Meg: I’m just working casually at a logistics place, but I’m studying acting.

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?
Andy: I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come up with no ideas.
Meg: Shaving my toes, re-shaving them, yeah. Lighting a few candles. What’s that, is it a week from now?

What would you say is the cheesiest thing you’ve done for one another?
Andy: Maybe this photo shoot.

What would you say is your favourite thing about her?
Andy: She’s very sensitive to my emotions.
Meg: He’s super kind and compassionate.

Lili and Sean

Tell us how you met.
Sean: It’s very cliché, but nice nonetheless. I was living in Paris at the time, and Lily and I had some mutual friends, and we had been following each other on Instagram for a while. I guess I sort of said, “What are you up to? I see that you’re travelling in Europe. Do you want to hang out?” So, we did (me, my best friend and her best friend). We had dinner together, and then we got to know each other a little bit, and then basically spent the whole rest of the week in Paris together. Then we met back up in Berlin, and she just ended up doing the whole rest of her Europe trip with me.

What were your first impressions?
Sean: Lili was so hard to read and mysterious, because I’m a bit younger than her, she seemed like she wasn’t that interested because she’s like, “Oh, you’re just 18.” And I thought, “Oh, well that’s gone.” But then she made the first move, so it was all good.
Lili: I thought he had such a pure heart, which he does. He’s just so amazing, so down to earth, just totally on my level. He’s just beautiful.

What do you do for work?
Sean: Besides modelling, I work in a cafe.
Lilli: I work at a medical clinic as a receptionist.

What is the cheesiest thing you’ve done for each other?
Sean: On a very consistent basis we make very ridiculous baby sounds to each other all the time. It’s just so stupid and embarrassing, but it’s so much fun. The first time we kissed was under the Eiffel Tower, which is also really cheesy.
Lili: We write each other cute little letters.

What do you do on date night?
Sean: We used to go to this dumpling place in the city, and just get really drunk there and eat super cheap dumplings and have lots of banter with the boss of the restaurant. Yeah, it was really fun.
Lili: Then we’d buy a cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu and eat it in the park.

What is your favourite thing about each other?
Sean: How much she does for me and how much she cares, and she’s just so honest. She always knows what’s best for me and how to take care of me, so that’s nice.
Lili: How daggy he is.

Plans for Valentine’s day?
Lili: We’re still deciding, we don’t know yet. Something romantic hopefully.


Posted on 12/02/2019
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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