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International Womens Day| Platypus Shoes

Happy International Women’s Day qweens!

Platypus wouldn’t be what it is without our ah-mazing, powerful babes, so to celebrate, we asked around the office and have gotten you the down low on what girl power means to us and what’s it like working at Platypus.

What does girl power mean to you?

Tarryn: Girl power to me is empowering the women around you to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

Helen: Girl power to me is the complete freedom of self-expression, strong-willed independence and feeling empowered to achieve all your limitless goals.

Tugba: Girl power is being whoever you want to be and not letting society get in the way of the things we love! Who run the world? GIRLS!!! :)

Eliza: Women empowering other women, and breaking down the social norms of tearing each other down.

Who’s the most important woman/girl in your life and why?

Tarryn: It might sound cliche but it would have to be my big sister! She is my best friend and number one supporter! She gives the best advise and always knows what to say or do in any situation. She is definitely my go-to person.

Helen: Most important woman in my life is my mum. She is always her authentic self to the core and has taught me all the important lessons in life.

What’s your fave thing about working at Platypus?

Tarryn: My favourite thing about working for Platypus is the culture. It is such a vibrant and fun place to work no matter what role you do.

Helen: My fave thing about Platypus is the brand itself and its celebration of Art, Music and Dance. I love that we use our brand as a leverage to support new and upcoming talents through campaigns such as Discover Series. Beyond that, It is really just such a fun brand to work for.

Tugba: My favourite thing about working for platypus would have to be the amazing team I get to work with each day! I’ve met so many amazing individuals along the way and have made best friends which I now call family! Our customer experience is impeccable which differentiates us from the rest.

Eliza: The inbuilt culture of a group of young women working collaboratively and paving the way for many others.

Posted on 06/03/2020
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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