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Miley Cyrus teams up with Converse

When it comes to the Converse x Miley Cyrus debut collection, Miley offers a true reflection of her personal style and influences. Miley tapped into her persona as a performer, as well as her day-to-day style, to create footwear that anyone can wear at any time.

After months of anticipation and sneak peeks, Miley set the stage for the collection by inviting some of her biggest fans to join her in the collection’s look book. Shot by legendary fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, the images capture the energetic, bold and inclusive nature of Miley.

“I definitely had my fans in mind and in my heart when I was creating,” she said. “I put what they love about me and what I love about them into the design.”

Whether sparkling with the Chuck Taylor All Star “Glitter” or looking to channel Miley’s country roots in the “Bandana,” individuals can rock these sneakers for any mood or style.

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Behind the scenes, Converse sat down with Miley for a bit of Q&A. Check out the best bits below:

What does this collection mean to you?
This collection is meaningful because it reflects all my styles. It’s me as a performer but also, my day-to-day style. Though no one ever sees me at home, these are things I wear in my real life. The stacks work great for performances, while the flats work for every day.

How is it representative of where you are creatively at this time?
I am very open to where I am in my life right now, and I wanted the collection to reflect a 360 of my personality. For example, my last record has a country element to it, and I wanted to echo that with my bandana design. I love the bandana – It reminds me of Nashville and my roots. But there’s also a punk rock element to it, which is still very much a part of who I am.

Why Converse – what does the brand represent to you?
Converse has no boundaries. Converse style represents everyone from punk rockers to the 1st lady! It’s outspoken. I’ve always identified with Converse because the brand appeals and represents so many different cultures and walks of life. And, they’re affordable. There’s no class differentiation for Converse. They’re a shoe for the people.

If there was one thing (or message) you would want your fans to take away from this collection, what would it be?
Remember to have fun. Don’t take life too seriously all the time.


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Posted on 02/05/2018
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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