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Our Sneakers. Your Story.

Discover Series With Alex Lehours

Starting out in music, art or dance can be hard. What’s more challenging is continuing to push forward when everything seems to be stacked against you. We teamed up with three inspirational ambassadors who have met the same challenges earlier in their careers.

Alex Lehours is a freelance illustrator from Australia. His style can be best described as eccentric explosions of chaos, humorous, colourful and absolute randomness. He specialises in illustration (both hand-drawn and digital), painting, mural work, typography & branding.


How would you describe your daily style?
A: My daily style is usually laid back. I am lucky that my office and studio are at my home so even when I am busy I can still find time to relax a bit and refresh.


What is your favourite brand at Platypus Shoes?
A: I am a big Nike and Adidas fan


As a child, what did you imagine you’d be doing now?
A: As a child I wanted to be something creative. I grew up during and painting so, for me, a career in art or a creative scene was inevitable.


When you’re not working creating art what could we find you doing?
A: When I am not working I am usually watching or playing some sort of sport. I am a huge soccer, AFL, basketball and baseball fan. I have always had sport in my life so other than art it is very important to me. My wife and I like to be as active as possible as well. We always try to be outside and explore new parts of our home town, Sydney. And of course, we love our time with our family and friends. I think we have a pretty social calendar, which is great.

What do you love most about what you do?
A: I love the freedom to be able to create something and share it with the world. Each new project or piece is always, and exciting challenge and I like to push myself further every time


What has been your favourite moment in your career so far?
A: I don’t know if I have a favourite moment. I am very lucky to be able to be doing what I do for a living. I love travelling for different projects and meeting new people. Art as a career is a constant list of special moments.


Was there a moment in your career when you felt you were DISCOVERED?
A: For me personally I don’t think there will ever be a point where I feel “discovered” as I am always pushing myself to go further and do better things. It is nice when somone approaches you and recognises your work. It is also nice when big names and labels reach out to either connect or work with you. So, I guess they are the moments that I feel like I am doing something right! I love what I do and as long as I know I’m pushing myself as hard as I can and enjoying my work I will be happy.


Why did you want to get involved with Platypus Shoes & #DISCOVERSERIES?
A: I have always been a fan of Platypus Shoes so when I was approached for Discover Series I was stoked. The Discover series is a great way for young, aspiring creatives to get an insight into how to take the first steps and approach to poursuing their dream career. I wish I had something like this when I was younger and starting out. To have that opportunity to get your foot in the door is so valuable.


How do you think an aspiring artist will benefit from #DISCOVERSERIES?
A: It will provide them the chance to see what is involved in art as a career and to see how attainable it actually is. There is no secret it just comes down to hard work, persistence and determination.


If you could give one important piece of advice to any aspiring artist reading this, what would it be?
A: Keep doing what you’re doing. If you love it and enjoy it, then stick at it. Art is about development and experience and the knowledge gained from that. Be you and stay true to that.


For the winner of our Instagram Competition, can you give an insight into what your mentoring session will involve?
A: I would like to show the winner my day to day routine. Possibly get them on site with me to help paint a wall or even help me in my studio with some private commissions. I want to show the winner the fun side and how enjoyable art as a career actually is!


FAST 5 in 5!

Paint or Pencil? Paint

Wall or Canvas? I love both! Canvas on a wall maybe??

Monochrome or Multicolour?

Early bird or Night Owl? Early bird

Sneakers or Boots?


Posted on 30/05/2018
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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