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While we were scrolling through snapchat filters and double tapping perfectly constructed flat lays, Mimi and Jade Zoe have been getting shit done. With a rotating squad of DJs (mainly lasses) Mimi and Jade have built party platform, Crxzy Sxxy Cxxl from the bass line up.  If you are lucky enough to have attended one of their parties you would have been treated to an all-night mix of rap, trap and RnB. We hung out with the hardworking duo to talk about their #girlcrush introduction, their favourite parties and some unique hidden talents.

What is Crxzy Sxxy Cxxl?

CRXZY SXXY CXXL is a collaboration between Melbourne DJs Jade Zoe and Mimi that started back in January, 2015. We curate events that celebrate hip hop, pop culture, fashion and likeminded babes who want to party in a space where they can feel crazy, sexy and cool.

How did you guys meet?

MIMI: We were both on the line up for a Halloween party and when I saw Jade playing. I was that girl coming up and pointing and hifive-ing every time I heard a track that I was digging (which was many times throughout her set) and I thought ‘Who is this girl?’ -  I am into every track! We were on the same bill a few others times and Jade basically hit me up on Facebook and said 'Hey, do you want to start a party?' The rest is history.

JADE: That’s pretty much how it all happened. I had no idea who this girl was pointing at me at the Halloween party hahaha. After seeing a few of Mimi's sets around Melbourne, I wanted to start a party with her and low-key make her my BFF.

What started your love for DJing?

MIMI: Funnily enough - it was my parents who first got me into DJing as I was always a musician (singer and played piano) they thought I should do it for some extra cash. What really ignited my passion for DJing and made me want to do it as a career was seeing Alison Wonderland really DJ and have an impact over the room and I thought ‘I’m gonna do this.’

JADE: A while back, I was a Door-girl for "Favela Rock" (Melbourne hip-hop party, RIP), and kind of fell into DJing from there. Started doing the early set with my friend, Bec and we called ourselves "DTP" (Down to Party DJs). We were taught by a couple of local legends. Shout out to my DJ Dads; REUP's Steezy and Milwaukee Banks' Edo!

Describe a night at a Crxzy Sxxy Cxxl party.

You will hear music which falls under the 'hip hop' umbrella - anything from rap, trap, dancehall, grime, reggaeton, RnB - we love it all. We love to decorate and make the space different with each party with our 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool' touch. We want you to walk and feel like you're in another world, not just a club and we try to go for a real life tumblr-feel. It's a fun space to be yourself and have a twerk.

Do you find that the ladies are starting to dominate the decks these days?  

It’s great to see lots of girls DJing now, definitely feels like there's more of us than before - which is amazing. There's a lot of talented DJs who happen to be female in Australia and it's great to see it's encouraged and supported.

Who’s the crazier of the two?
MIMI: I think we both can be different types of crazy! We both know how to bring out the best in each other and come up with some crazy ideas which we're not afraid to try out. I like to think I can be crazy in like a 'Spice Girls' kinda way.
JADE: But if you're talking crazy - like an ex-girlfriend, then that would be me. Lol.

What’s your number one influence?


MIMI: Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rihanna

JADE: Aaliyah and Chun Li

What’s your go-to get up for a Crxzy Sxxy Cxxl party?

MIMI: FENTY x PUMA Creepers with jeans and a mesh top. I also like a jumper around my waist for a cheeky twerk - something that moves with my body.

JADE: I'm always in pair of comfy trainers (either PUMA Blaze of Glory or Nike Air Max 1’s) with a crop top and high waisted shorts because it’s always so hot in the club!

What are the top three shows that you have played?

  • Playing LET THEM EAT CAKE 2016! We closed the Swamp stage and then we also DJ'd at the LTEC Afterparty.
  • The ACCLAIM Magazine's 10th Birthday party supporting special guest DANNY BROWN.
  • Our PUMA Presents: CRXZY SXXY CXXL SS/16 Launch Party - was wild to work with such a great influential brand and amazing way to kick off our pop-up parties.

What’s on high rotation at the moment?

MIMI: Pick up the phone - Young Thug & Travis Scott

JADE: Currently swapping between the new Craig David album and Princess Nokia 1992.

Tell us something weird and wonderful about you.

MIMI: I'm exceptionally good at doing accents.

JADE: I have a scar on my belly button, where my appendix got sucked out.

What’s next for Crxzy Sxxy Cxxl?

We have lots of events coming up. The second instalment of our Spring/Summer Pop-up party series will be announced soon. Keep up to date via our socials:

Instagram: @crxzysxxycxxl

Posted on 24/10/2016
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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