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adidas Sambarose x Fashion Journal | Platypus Shoes

We teamed up with adidas & Fashion Journal Magazine, to admire the style and talent of powerful females in the creative industry. See Music Artist, MUKI and professional Photographer Dulce Amor, show off their adidas Sambarose kicks, a modernized female takeover of an OG Men’s soccer silhouette.

@iam.muki, Music Artist
Muki is an Australian pop singer-songwriter and all round super cool chick. Muki describes her sound as sassy, crazy & wild and feels greatly inspired by the Spice Girls and the Australian Pop Industry.

More about Muki. As featured on Fashion Journal:

Describe your personal style…
I always think about it as what would the Spice Girls wear? That’s generally the question I ask myself every day, and more often than not I end up dressing like Sporty Spice or Posh Spice.  wear a lot of block colours and I always tend to buy stuff that’s a little bit more of a statement piece. So I have a lot of bright, crazy, colourful things in my wardrobe and then I don’t have anything to match them with because they’re all bright, crazy, colourful.

What do you like most about the adidas Originals Sambarose?
I love the Sambarose because it kind of reminds me of my childhood – there’s a little bit of nostalgia in there for me. I also really like the platform, because I’m super tiny and I need height. So I like that I can get a couple of extra centimetres.

How would you describe your sound?
I like to call my sound brat pop, which is something I’ve coined, something that I’ve made up. And pretty much it’s just sassy, crazy, sound design production – it’s wild pop music.

Where do you find inspiration? 
The Spice Girls! And I’m super-inspired by the Australian pop industry at the moment. I’m really excited to be a part of this new, fresh sound that’s coming out of Australia. 

Tell us about your debut EP It Won’t Hurt?
wrote this EP in my house two summers ago in 40-degree heat with a guy called Aaron Reyes who’s an American producer. We brought him out to Australia and the first song that we wrote was ‘Sassaparilla' and the rest was history. I’m really excited to have it out in the world finally.

You’re currently on tour, what do you like to wear on stage?
I tend to try and find something that’s a little bit more comfortable so I can go crazy and dance, but I also just like to wear lots of bright colours and keep things a bit unique as well. As I said before, I always try and find statement pieces. I always think about what’s going to make me stand out.

@amoredulce, Photographer

Dulce Amor is our resident Photographer at Platypus Shoes, also known as our little creative Queen with EPIC style. Dulce's been behind the camera since she was a child, unlocking great opportunities, creating killer content for brands and capturing every moment.

More about Dulce. As featured on Fashion Journal:

Describe your personal style…
Much like George Costanza, I tend to dress according to my mood: oversized or cropped, tailored or baggy, monochromatic or bold. However, I always like to keep my style minimal with the occasional subtle flex!

What do you like to wear when working?
When you’re the type of photographer that tends to climb and lay low for the sake of getting the right shot, sneakers paired with loose and comfortable clothing with pockets are my go-to workwear.
Right now, I am currently wearing the adidas Originals Sambarose. I’ve always been into sports, and given that everyone is currently in World Cup mode, I must pay my respects to the iconic adidas Samba – one of the most popular soccer shoes over the last century. I also vibe the Sambarose because it’s been reimagined for females and is legit comfortable – the chunky platform sole makes it a perfect shoe for a shorty like me to get her work done.

When did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?
I’ve always been interested in photography, I just never knew it would eventuate into a career. Growing up, my parents always made a habit of carrying a camera everywhere they went. From childhood birthdays to the impromptu “dress up” photo shoots with my mother, my parents loved being able to capture the most memorable moments of our family’s lives. Indirectly and subconsciously, I was taught very early on in my life that a camera is an instrument of intuition and spontaneity; and that a good photo keeps a memory from running away. Throughout my early 20s, I would always have a point and shoot camera by my side, making sure I too documented my life. Photography then exposed the way I perceived the world. 

What’s the best thing about working at Platypus Shoes?
Working for Platypus Shoes has unlocked unique opportunities to collaborate and create content with brands and publications like adidas and Fashion Journal. It allows you to think outside the box when capturing photos of sneakers.

Posted on 27/06/2018
Posted by PlatypusShoesAU
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